Laboratoires Didier Rase launches INTEGRALL®“All in one“, a PREMIUM HIGH-PERFORMANCE Men’s Skincare Product with visible, long lasting results, thereby meeting the needs of the most demanding men and establishing the concept of excellence in male cosmetology. Integrall®: the secret unveiled at last! Phyto-androzyme®, a molecule patented worldwide and discovered by Didier Rase and his team of researchers after several years spent researching hormonal skin ageing in men and an investment of over 1 million euros.

It is the first molecule in the world to have a targeted, preventive, anti-ageing action specific to men’s skin, as proven by scientific studies on topical hormone therapy aimed at improving the bioavailability of testosterone in the skin. This unique molecule combats the enzymatic breakdown of testosterone, the specific hormone that determines the overall state of men’s skin.