Bond No.9


Discovering New York City It’s the city that never sleeps! It’s like no other place in the world: only here will you find all of America’s attributes – the diversity, the culture, the style – intensified in such an intriguing way It’s a melting pot!


Facts about Bond No9
1. The first and only fragrance collection made to celebrate NY city
2. For the last century, Paris had its own scents (Paris, Love in Paris, Champs Elysees, Rive Gauche…) this century NY does
3. Bond No9 has a scent for each neighborhood in NY, from downtown to midtown to uptown
4. Very modern and edgy like the city itself. It is not a traditional fragrance line as it is inspired by each neighborhood, its spirits and feelings and energies
5. Let the client choose and always offer to help select. Do not impose a scent or a color to anyone. Do suggest different fragrances for different moments of the week
6. Sell NYC, its history, its neighborhoods and you will sell the scents