Art in a flacon
“Quality rather than quantity” could be Thorsten Biehl’s simple motto.

For people who do not wish to wear mass-produced perfumes, the fragrance expert from Berlin offers them a fabulous alternative. He has had some of the world’s finest perfumers create distinguished, unusual fragrances obtainable only from perfume stores offering exclusive products and individual advice.
Have you ever sniffed mb02, or perhaps gs01? These mysterious formulae are the names of exclusive perfumes by biehl. parfumkunstwerke. These can be purchased only from selected perfumeries in international metropolises. mb here stands for Mark Buxton and gs for Geza Schön, two of today’s most renowned perfumers.

They have placed their expertise at the service of Thorsten Biehl, an internationally respected fragrance expert with over twenty five years of experience in the perfume industry. In his “olfactory gallery”, Biehl has assembled a fascinating elite of the world’s most skilled fragrance developers and up-and-coming perfumers. Six top perfumers created their perfumes for biehl. parfumkunstwerke without any regard for such commercial aspects as market research, marketing or maximizing profits. Such creative scope for perfumers enabled them to produce some quite extraordinary fragrances.

The purism of having names for perfumes embodying the initials of the perfumer concerned and the index number of his work is part of the scheme: “my focus is always on the work and the artist behind it,” explains Thorsten Biehl. For the flacon and packaging, for example, he opted for luxurious yet minimalist design. Thorsten Biehl’s simple, standard, transparent  100ml glass flacon simply carries his logo and the name of the perfume. Nothing should detract from the real kunstwerk – the fragrance. Exclusivity and quality is everything. “That is why we cooperate exclusively with selected distribution partners and produce our  perfumes – 15 so far – only in limited quantities.“ These fragrances give their wearers fresh opportunities for conveying personality along with that little extra note of exclusivity.

Working for Biehl just now are Mark Buxton of German/British parentage, Arturetto Landi, an Italian, Patricia Choux from France, Egon Oelkers and Geza Schön, Germans, along with his father, Henning Biehl, a German/American. Such a concentration of creative potential must be almost unparalleled.