Mirko Buffini


Before trying to like to others, you must like yourself.
Born in a knitwear family but soon opened his own beauty Clinique when he still was 18.
History started from this, Mirko’s mind years back was looking for differentiate himself from the others, to create an unique one, this was his search for luxury.
In his early ‘30s he had not yet found his own favourite fragrance, he was unhappy with what the market was offering. Suddenly he got a gift from Claudia, a beloved friend (that lately become Mirko’s partner in his adventure), and he fell for that fragrance because it was different from the others, it was a special blend from a little Florentine workshop and he got fascinated from this world. He, therefore, started an olfactory trip, bringing him travelling around Europe, discovering the most prestigious perfumeries, buying the products and analysing them thanks to a small laboratory in Florence, doing so studying brands and different blends with their unique oils. In this long search, he came out with the point that there was nothing in the market could represent himself towards the others.
A special perfume that could identify what Mirko was about, his own trademark and personality.
That was the moment he started learning where the best raw materials came from, how to distillate and get the essential oils, how to blend them and make unique fragrances. He forced his smell to learn new odours, to associate different oils and find out what could better suit his own being.
These years spent studying, let Mirko transform himself from an Eclectic Consumer to a Passionate Perfumer, loving this world and all belonging to it. He was ready to imagine and develop its own fragrances…..
The very first perfume was ready, No.31, so called because of a prime number, a prime step in Mirko’s mind, A number that always means ‘looking forward to something bigger in a future possibility’. No. 31 was also incarnating the values of Waka Japanese poem, to what Mirko inspired because of its name made up of 5+7 letters, like the Waka (5+7 5+7+7), 31 as results

Mirko Buffini Firenze is today an Italian Luxurious Perfume Maison.
Mirko Buffini Firenze celebrates the beauty of unusual things in true luxurious, qualitative and unique fragrances, bringing pleasure to the senses.
Mirko Buffini Firenze has been proposed on the market as an elite brand, purposeful, prestigious and trustable, a brand with an inner originality in each of its steps, thoughts and cultural values.
‘beauty, the greatest beauty, the beauty of unusual things can be reached with, simply, a gesture, knowing how to choose a Fragrance that could be suitable, as incomparable accomplice, friend of mistress, for a formal mood of unique Beauty’.

Mirko Buffini


Pure and geometric Luxury object, presented in two sizes, 30Ml and 100Ml, contained in a high quality glass bottle with a metal cap, usable as spray. The bottle used is still the original one as the first perfume coming out of the maison, a vintage masterpiece. A new product, single vial 10 ML will be launched soon on the market for the travellers use.

Each surface of the bottle has been polished and treated to protect from the sun exposure and to obtain its particular smoked look. The cap is made up of solid metal with magnet inside to assure a perfect hold, the final touch is a bronze finishing and MB logo duly embossed on top.

Each perfume is packed in a special triangular box, because a triangle is the brand symbol, high quality Italian paper to assure a smooth touch, debossed logo to identify the brand. Inside a soft sponge  protect the integrity of the bottle and a card with the information on fragrance complete the package. Everything is sealed with our MB soft original logo on the side to assure originality to the product. 

Our perfumes are rare, complex, sinful, sensual, original, magic.

The collection ‘One’ is a sequence of seductive olfactory compositions. Each perfume has been studied to tailor different people, to embody different ways of being and represent ourselves.

The collection ‘One’ is made up of 12 unisex fragrances, all rigorously in black boxes with cream letters. They range from deep, incisive, woody to floral, fruity, delicate top notes.  Complete assortment is made up of 12x10ML, 12x30ML, 12x100ML, 1 gift set including all the 12 vials. A leather travel kit will be released very soon.

Each name has been duly studied to let each fragrance feel as a brand, a brand into the brand, to create the story of the fragrance behind. With its name you could immediately imagine what the perfume will tell to others.