Zelens Skincare

Zelens represents a new generation of skin care developed using breakthrough scientific research in the biological functions of the skin.
Zelens innovation is driven by founder Dr. Marko Lens’ 20 years of research in skin aging, his clinical experience as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon and his deep knowledge of formulation chemistry combining active biotechnology ingredients with pure molecules derived from botanicals Visible, proven results. Not just promises.
The world of skin care is filled with promises. But not every product promise is backed by proven clinical results. The results of Zelens skin care products are substantiated by rigorous independent clinical testing conducted at renowned institutions. The clinical proof for every Zelens product is presented here on our website. Every skin care product you choose is an investment in your skin. Always ask to see the visible clinical proof behind the claims for the products you purchase. The leading edge in skin care. Always.
Zelens’ consistent skincare innovation is the result of Dr. Lens’ continuous research, development and testing. Every Zelens product represents the most advanced, most effective skincare technology available anywhere.

Combining biotechnology and botanicals is not enough. Zelens products combine powerful high-performance active biotechnology ingredients with the unique blend of plant-derived molecules with potent anti-aging and healing properties.
But simply combining ingredients derived from both sources does not create truly effective skin care. Ingredients must be carefully selected, science-backed and integrated in a formula to work in synergy. Only the exact balance and synergistic action of all ingredients can effectively trigger cellular processes necessary for skin regeneration and repair.
The sophisticated technology of our formulations including multiple ingredients that work in balance and synergy is essential to the remarkable effectiveness of Zelens products.

Other good things to know
Zelens products are extensively tested for safety and efficacy by renowned independent laboratories. Zelens uses no animal testing and no animal-derived ingredients. Zelens uses no parabens, Zelens is committed to eco-responsibility.

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Zelens Active Colour

The concept of the Zelens Active Colour range is based on a new scientific approach to colour cosmetics using advanced technology combining both, hightech and natural ingredients.
Dr. Lens wanted to create a range of beneficial make up products that not only provide a colour – pigment necessary to achieve a luminous and glowing complexion but at the same time effectively trigger cellular processes necessary for skin regeneration and repair.Complementing the Zelens skincare range, Zelens Active Colour uses a sophisticated technology in all of the product formulations including multiple ingredients that work in balance and synergy to enhance the skin. The base of each product is formulated with ingredients that mimic the skin’s natural phospholipid barrier. Incorporating the use of biofermentation, advanced filtration techniques and a carefully selected combination of multiple ingredients which contain targeted activity, the Zelens Active Colour range of products are formulated to stimulate cell respiration, cell proliferations, and cell metabolism… despite the pigment, the products encourage the skin to “breathe”.Each unique product contains a complex of active ingredients, infused with antioxidants (polyphenols and triterpenoids) and perfumed with the natural Zelens ‘signature’ scent of Shiso, Japanese mint.