Jusbox is an exclusive range of perfumes whose concept is based on the similarity between perfume and music.

Music is indeed the key inspiration for all my fragrances.
Immerse yourself in this unique sensorial journey across a multidimensional universe.

Once upon a smell…
An imperceptible yet delicious effluvium dances in the air. A nose sniffs the surrounding flowerbeds, searching for the origin of that smell. Suddenly the eyelids drop to better connect the smell with memory. The heady notes of a jazz blues tune drifts from a record player, blending with familiar voices in the distance and the laughter of kids as they run round a garden table. The eyes remain closed trying to keep hold of that happy memory, the nose inhales once more. This memory, this nose, these eyes, they are yours, ours, mine.

The magical power of olfaction
Like a set of footprints through our lives, olfaction has the magical ability to bring back the most hidden emotions and memories. Of all our senses, it’s the most powerful and the most mysterious. Indeed olfaction and by extension the artistry of perfume, is highly complex. Memories, emotions, innovations, sensations, the list of ingredients that inspire a perfumer is vast and the composition of an olfactive melody is hard to understand. If one wants to decode the true power of perfume, driven by an inextinguishable thirst for knowledge, there is a similar language, one that’s even more intuitive. Music.

Playing with notes
A perfumer and a musician are like twin brothers, inseparable mirrors. The hand of the musician scribbles on paper, the lines curve beneath his quill, drawing up words to be transformed into notes. The ears judge the chord, striving for perfection.
The hand of the perfumer reaches for vials filled with notes, juggling between pipettes. The nose tirelessly sniffs and smells, adding, taking away and summoning memories to the fore.
Playing with those notes, both perfumer and musician compose their own harmony.

Timeless icons
The inspiration comes, more specifically, from musical and generational Icons that stood out from their social, historical cultural and artistic environment as they voiced messages, emotions, ideas and trends of their own eras.

A squared, modern, elegant, ergonomic bottle: it is a 78 ml to give homage to the first phonographic disc that was 78 rpm.
On its top, the cap that celebrates the most well known auditory mean in the history of music: the vinyl. As the vinyl, in the middle you find the colour that marks each fragrance.

A rigid soft touch box is similar as shape and opening to a CD box. Inside you will find a leaflet that explains the inspiration and mood of each perfume. 
Each box is identified through a pattern printed sleeve: the pattern style expresses a modern interpretation of the time the perfume refers to and wants to emphasise the inspiration that led to the olfactive trial.