The LINARI products are constantly increasing in their popularity and attractiveness, which is not only as a result of using the finest fragrances but also their timeless, modern design. All LINARI products are created by German born designer Rainer Diersche, starting with the initial shape- forming concept to the final design of the end product. This formally trained industrial engineer, whose studies focussed on the requisition and conjunction of interdisciplinary knowledge, a crossfire of different skills, concentrated intensively on studying the pureness of Italian Design and initially owned two high- end interior design stores in Hamburg and Munich, Germany. Highly innovative and of exceptional quality, LINARI products are inspired by the beauty of pure design and draw on a vast background of technical understanding to combine the finest fragrances with pioneering manufacturing and cutting-edge designs. The result is a range of products that is unusually attractive with a discrete design understanding, making the LINARI brand inimitable and unique.

The Perfumers:
– Considered to be one of the most inspired perfumers in the contemporary time, German-English Mark Buxton’s creative world is based in Paris. Concentrated passion combined with precision characterise his strengths. Mark’s style: Mystic creations, subversive, provocative, enthused with urban jungle. His creations: ANGELO DI FIUME, NOTTE BIANCA.

– In the world of fragrance the Egon Oelkers name stands unrestrainedly for discreet luxury, beauty and harmony. New York, Paris, Geneva and Hamburg, are the stations of 40 years of his creative life. Egon’s style: Extremely sophisticated compositions yet reserved whilst opulent. Always finely balanced between fruity, flowery, spicy and woody notes. His creations: ELEGANZA LUMINOSA, VISTA SUL MARE.

The Flacon:

One of the defining features of the LINARI Eau de Parfums is the exceptionally minimised design of the heavy glass flacons, made from the finest French glass. Specially developed by LINARI, the extreme form of the bottle, the sleek wide diameter and very low height, creates an immediately timeless, deconstructed design object of perfect symmetry. The actuator is surrounded by an opulent, brightly polished collar, which is divided into

three steps and leads to the sculptural optic. The
exaggerated dimension of the African wenge wood
cap adopts the bottles form, mirroring the extreme dia-
meter and the tripartite design. The cap seems to hover
over the bottle due to the height offset and to underline the
sculptural characteristics the wooden cap can also be seated
under the bottle, creating an unusual optical effect. When viewed
from above the bottle reveals an unexpected transparency and
lightness, disclosing the perfect rotational symmetry of the design and impressive thickness of the circular wall of glass. The flacons optionally can be stapled which creates an attractive effect.

Surrounded by an enlarged glass ring, the black inlaid underside is reflected in to the bottle creating a beautiful three-dimensional effect.