The world of scent
Loewe moved into the world of perfumes as a logical continuation of its essence. In an almost inevitable expansion of its creative universe, in 1972 it poured its limitless creativity, expertise and high expectations into selecting raw materials to breathe life into a balanced range of luxury fragrances.
Loewe believes that luxury, passion, sensuality and magic are what makes a perfume. Perfection far beyond fashion and fleeting trends. A faithful reflection of this philosophy, our understanding of luxury, from the creative passion of our bold curiosity, these are our fragrances.

The Perfumer
Emilio Valeros was born in Madrid and grew up surrounded by the traditional accoutrements of the perfumery world. He inherited his vocation from his father, who also worked in the perfume composition world.
When he finished school, he took a job in a chemical laboratory, and after successfully completing the selection processes he joined the fragrance world at Gal, a company that served as a launch pad for his international career as a nose. His mentor, Juan Echandía, gave him the opportunity to move to Grasse, the cradle of luxury French perfumery. He continued to train in Paris and worked with several multinational companies including IFF, Givaudan and Firmenich.

Emilio has been creating perfumes for Loewe for 22 years with an approach that carefully reflects the brand’s values. An approach that sees the perfumer’s job as a luxurious, philosophical act through he reveals his sensitivity through his creations.

Luxury raw materials
Loewe carefully selects each exquisite raw material used in its fragrances.
A complex, extremely delicate universe, capable of evoking dream-like sensations from the farthest flung corners of the world.
Loewe fragrances are enjoyed and perceived by all the senses. Because of this, our exclusive bottles are individually designed to transmit the essence of the treasures they hold. The entire process takes place in Spain and is entrusted to expert glass craftsmen. It is a painstaking, indispensible process, synonymous with the Spanish. 
A qualified technical team ensures that each manufacturing process is executed to perfection. The stability and exact colour of the fragrance and the ideal packaging are evaluated on the basis of luxury details. That’s Loewe’s savoir faire.

Aura Magnetica
Homage to the origin of the perfumery of LOEWE: The design of the cap is inspired by the fragrance L2, the second fragrance by LOEWE.
Transparent and luminous: Above the base of the flask lies a thick layer of melted glass which shines in the presence of light. A metaphor for the Aura woman, who possesses a full, luminous and optimistic personality which transforms her into a passionate and inspirational woman.

The leather detail
The crown jewel of the flask is the label made from the most exclusive LOEWE leather, which names the fragrance with rounded embossing. On this occasion the label has a more intense tone, more potent, stronger and with more personality than the rest of the Aura LOEWE fragrances.

Solo Cedro
Wood: The leading feature of this product. A noble and elegant material which provides warmth, naturalness and evolution, as well as transmitting overwhelming authenticity and beauty in its purest form.
The panels at the front and back and the cap are made of wood. Just like the fragrance and the SOLO Loewe consumer, each of these elements are unique, with grains of different tone, size and design. No two pieces of wood are the same, meaning that every flask of SOLO Cedro is UNIQUE, exclusive and unrepeatable.
Glass: The same glass that is used throughout the SOLO range, luminous and delicate with pure, straight lines, in contrast with the wooden front, back and cap.

A harmonious luxury of contrasts between the naturalness of wood and the elegance of straight lines. A rigid, high quality case, with silk-screen printing that reflects the wood that we later find on the flask. With a side opening which allows the product to be easily seen. T
he case highlights the exclusivity of the product, as no two flasks on the market are the same.

Aura Loewe
Gets its inspiration from that mysterious, magnetic and natural charm that surrounds special women; it is an indescribable light and inner strength…
History gives us multiple examples of these special women: Gala, Gioconda, Jacqueline Kennedy… Muses that have inspired artists and have now become universal icons. Nobody knows what it is or what shape it has. It is a glance, a gesture, a smile. Pure magnetism. Either you have it or you don’t.

Aura Loewe is faithful to both Loewe’s heritage and Loewe’s present.
A elegant, feminine and irresistible EAU de PARFUM with Loewe’s trademarks: leather, a muse (Linda Evangelista), tradition inherited from artisans and an iconic cap that gets its inspiration from Loewe’s second feminine fragrance “Loewe 2”.