Costume National

CostuME NATIONAL style has been defined “edgy chic” and is a blend of minimalism and Rock & Roll with a very distinctive and iconic slim sensual silhouette.
The always-unique materials and cuts are the fruit of the company’s on-going research to find symmetry between craftsmanship and technology, tradition and innovation, past and future.
CoSTUME NATIONAL success is founded on a strong design and style identity, which has earned the recognition of the international press and top customers.
The “typical” client is modern, dynamic, often with a creative background, high-income and demanding, who looks for products that enhance his/her personality.
After spending almost 4 years in Japan as assistant to the Master Yohji Yamamoto, Ennio Capasa founded the fashion house CoSTUME NATIONAL in 1986 with his brother, Carlo.
He chose a French name for a totally Italian company, being inspired by the title of a book on uniforms.
Degreed at the Brera Academy of Arts, he is a versatile creator who also explores the worlds of design, architecture and town planning.
An all-round Creative Director, Ennio Capasa follows in first person the design and the development of all the products by CoSTUME NATIONAL.
Scent represents a natural step to complete the CoSTUME NATIONAL world. Nine structured and sensual fragrances, all unique and timeless creations with a refined and distinct character.
The perfumes reinterpret the noblest ingredients of perfumery – amber, rose, tuberose, ylang-ylang, patchouli, sandalwood, saffron, jasmine – to become the essence of CoSTUME NATIONAL man and woman.
The pure and sensual shapes of the bottles have been sculpted by Ennio Capasa himself.