Sara Happ

Who is Sara?
She’s a 32-year-old beauty junkie who, while working for ESPN in 2005, saw a hole in the cosmetics market.

“My coworkers went home at night and watched SportsCenter. I took bubble baths and read Allure; I watched the Style Network while organizing my makeup drawers.”

The pages of magazines inspired her to create the only product that she simply couldn’t find in stores.

“I kept reading, ‘Exfoliate lips with a wet washcloth or baby toothbrush.’ There had to be a better way, so I went to my (rarely used) kitchen, and made itmyself.”

She took her homemade Lip Scrubs to a handful of Los Angeles boutiques, explaining the concept of lip exfoliation and why she believed it was a beauty necessity. Each buyer ordered on the spot. By 2006, lab production began after a story in People magazine featured her line, naming Reese Witherspoon as a client.

“The day it hit newsstands, my website crashed. I was flooded with hundreds upon hundreds of orders. Before that, orders came in from my Mom, my girlfriends and the handful of stores I was selling to. It was unreal.”

She spent the next two years aiming to create the richest, glossiest lip balm imaginable. Her motto? The world doesn’t need another lip balm, it needs the right one. The Lip Slip debuted in 2008, quickly becoming the brand’s bestselling product. With the launch of The Body Scrub, The Gift Set, The Lip Slip Gloss and her seasonal Limited Edition Lip Scrubs, she’s created a niche brand with a cult following from Manhattan to Tokyo.
Sara grew up in suburban Chicago, graduated from the University of Southern California, and lives in Los Angeles with her husband, who is also a USC Trojan.

Why Scrub Your Lips?

Our lips lack oil glands, leaving them naturally prone to dryness. Even the best lip products can’t do their job on dead skin. Sloughing it off is a must, but doing it gently, effectively and deliciously is the secret.

“You have to start with the foundation; exfoliate and hydrate. That’s the key to good skin from head to toe, and lips are no exception,” says Sara. “Once you remove the dead skin, all of your products will work better, because they can penetrate and truly deliver the results they were meant to deliver.”