YVRA 1958

Was it predestination gently prompted by that oh, so prominent nose which graces generations of family mem- bers? Or was it that beloved uncle who shared the secrets of scents with his young nephew?

Nature or nurture, or perhaps a bit of both? The fact remains: Yvo van Regteren Altena has always followed his nose. His fascination for per- fume created a stir when as a teenager he proved his mettle at calling out the names of the most obscure scents while blindfolded.
The sense of smell. YVRA’s passion focuses on the most intriguing amongst the senses. Whereas the great white shark tracks a particular scent through millions of liters of water, human beings can only rely on a mucous membrane the size of a zzy tablet to guide them through the sensual world of smell. Regardless of size, the nose creates radical sensations, life changing, if you will.

Van Regteren Altena chose to make a career out of his ob- session. As a gentleman jour- nalist he became engrossed
in all that de nes good taste and ne living, perfume in particular. Traveling the globe, he met the greatest ‘noses’ and was in uenced by their obsession with the right blend of spellbinding ingredients. Slowly but surely, Van Regter- en Altena discovered their secrets. Years of eldwork led to his decision to create HIS scent. YOUR perfume.

YvRA 1958 hints at the transparency of the classic eau de colognes with more pizzazz, aromatic drive and long-lasting capacity. A scent with a real lust for life, perfect after a refreshing shower or as a pick-me-up after an enervat- ing long distance ight. YvRA strives to o er an alternative in a world dominated by synthetic aggressive scents that induce a hasty departure in place of a passionate embrace.